Antalya Airport Transfer Advice

Alanya is an important tourist area on the south coast. It is the largest district of Antalya with a population of over 290 thousand.Alanya has a sea coast and many historical places, some of which are Dim Cave, Damlataş Cave, Alanya Castle and some others.Alanya attracts many tourists with its unique beauty, so tourists coming to Alanya He buys a house here and continues to live here. Transportation to Alanya is very easy and there are many options. It is 140 kilometers from Antalya airport. The fact that it is only 40 kilometers from Gazipaşa airport makes transportation easier. Our company operating in the tourism transportation sector for 20 years.
It continues to serve the guests of this beautiful town. We wish you a good holiday as Expo TRANSFER company with safe, comfortable and cheap prices.

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